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nutritional health benefits of honey

nutritional health benefits of honey

Nutritional and preventive benefits of honey

The value of honey has been known since ancient times and it has been used as sugar at the present time. it has also been used for nutritional and therapeutic purposes. as for modern medicine, it has been proven that this sweet liquid contains valuable and amazing nutrients.
So make sure to take it whenever you feel low on energy and activity, to give your body a boost of natural vitality and refreshment

Apart from the fact that honey is a delicious food, it can be adopted as an alternative to sugar, as a home remedy for many diseases, and as a preventive supplement in cosmetic treatments.

Specifications of natural bee honey

The natural honey produced by bees from the nectar of flowers is the one that benefits the human body, so the sources of obtaining it must be taken into account. among the most important specifications of real honey: crystallization or partial freezing in the cold season.
The interest in honey has increased on the part of scientists, due to what has been proven by many studies and research results that revealed that the nature of honey is very complex, which posed a tempting challenge for laboratories to re-evaluate the therapeutic properties of honey.
The nutritional and therapeutic value of honey
Honey is considered one of the food ingredients capable of healing and treatment, with the nutrients it contains that maintain the health of the body as a result of giving it the strength of immunity.
  Natural honey consists of:
  •   82.4% carbohydrates
  •   38.5% fructose
  • 31% glucose
  •   12.9% other sugars
  •   17.1% is water
  • 0.5% protein
  •   Organic acids, multiple minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and countless other secondary compounds.

What are the benefits of honey and the therapeutic and preventive benefits?

Honey is considered one of the food ingredients capable of healing and treatment, with the nutrients it contains that maintain the health of the body as a result of giving it the strength of immunity.
Here are some of the benefits and uses of honey:
  1. Wound care as it is used as a dressing, which speeds up wound healing without leaving scars on the skin. this is all thanks to the antimicrobial properties of honey through hydrogen peroxide, which acts as a natural antiseptic.
  2. Fighting acne and skin problems in general. Honey, at the microbiological level, reduces the moisture needed by microbes, and this generally contributes to getting rid of most microbes.
  3. Preventing skin irritation after burns and ulcers, as it stimulates the immune system topically and acts as a moisture barrier.
  4. Protecting the skin from eczema and psoriasis, as well as preventing chapped lips and giving them softness and freshness.
  5. Activating immune cells that play a major role in resisting cancer cells, because natural honey contains elements that inhibit the development of free radicals.
  6. Canceling or getting rid of excess acidity in the stomach, as honey works to prevent stomach acid reflux.
  7. Honey lines the stomach wall and protects it from infections that affect the stomach, which often leads to ulcers. it is known that many patients spend huge amounts of money on medicines to combat stomach acidity, while a lick of natural honey is protective and can cure this disease.
  8. Burning excess body fat because it helps to fill the appetite and feel full for a long time, although honey has a sweet taste and contains not small amounts of sugar, but it plays an effective role in losing weight.
  9. Facilitating the sleep process and stimulating the body and brain to relax, by adding a spoonful of honey to a cup of hot milk and eating it before bed.
  10. Treating the symptoms of colds and coughs, and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends using honey as a home recipe to prevent viral infections and infections that affect the sinuses.
  11. Calming coughs and sore throats, as adding natural honey to a cup of tea or hot milk would relieve or completely eliminate chest diseases.
  12. Reducing the severity of diarrhea and reducing the period of infection as well, as it is very useful during the period of diarrhea because it increases the amount of water and potassium intake, and this is what the patient’s body needs.
  13. Getting rid of skin problems, because honey includes many essential vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the skin.
  14. Fighting bad breath and maintaining oral and dental health.
  15. Get rid of hiccups by placing a spoonful of honey under the tongue, as honey is able to tickle the nerves and thus stop hiccups!!

Warnings and harms of honey for some groups of people

  • Although honey is a safe food for most people, the use of honey for the above cases should not be a substitute for medical treatment, and it should be under the supervision of a doctor.
  • When using honey as a dressing for wounds or burns, you should use pure natural honey or medical grade honey that has been sterilized by radiation to ensure it is free of Clostridium spores.
  • It is completely forbidden to give honey in any form to children under the first year of age, as it may pose a danger to their health.
  • People who suffer from allergies, and this rarely happens, but because of the presence of pollen particles mixed with digestive enzymes in bees, it may lead to an allergic reaction from eating honey.
  • Honey raises the level of insulin in the blood, and it should be taken with caution by diabetics.

Interesting facts about honey bees!

  • German feudal lords collected honey and beeswax as taxes from the peasants.
  • Honey contains all the nutrients a person needs to survive.
  • Bee sting venom contains an anti-inflammatory hormone.
  • To produce a pound of honey, all the bees in the hive visit two million flowers.
  • In 2017, the twentieth of May was declared the International Day of Bees, and this day coincides with the birth of Anton Jansha.
  • The extinction of bees threatens the world because bees pollinate basic agricultural crops for human nutrition.
  • Bees benefited from the quarantine due to Corona, as pollution rates decreased, and the health of bees and nature improved significantly, according to a recent study.

Next time you open a bottle of honey Remember the tremendous effort of the bee, and consume only as much as is required to maintain your health and make the most of honey's nutritional health benefits of honey.